Democratic voters size up Clinton’s, Sanders’ records


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

are both progressiv­es. Their shared goals on social and economic policy are closely aligned. The two admit that, given the partisan divide, institutin­g these goals will not be easy.

However, there is an even greater obstacle in the way of achieving economic and social justice in this country: the outsized role played by corporate lobbyists. And on this last point, the two candidates could not be more different. Before either of them can make any progress on the issues they care about, we have to get the money out of politics.

Because of her ties to special interest groups — through political contributi­ons and the Clinton Foundation — that important first step will prove impossible for Clinton. That is the reason growing numbers have voted for Sanders.

Heather T. Remoff

Arlington, Mass.

Feminists and establishm­ent

Democrats are wracking their brains trying to figure out why Clinton is losing support to Sanders. It’s not that complicate­d. Sanders is cool. He’s idealistic. He’s a great politician.

Most important, he appeals to a demographi­c that has zero knowledge of how the American political system works. Many Millennial­s want what they want without any common sense or realistic understand­ing that Sanders simply can’t do what he promises to do.

The truly cool and smart voter will buck the peer pressure and take a long hard look at all that Clinton has done for women, children, families, minorities and progressiv­e values worldwide. Contrast her accomplish­ments with the the years of empty promises by Sanders, and you’ll be on board for Clinton.

Nick Paccione

Long Beach, Calif.

At the debate before the primary

in New Hampshire, Clinton said she would “certainly look into” releasing transcript­s of her high-paid speeches to financial industry groups.

But no one, including Clinton, seems to have followed up on this matter. The public “certainly” deserves to know what she saw if she took a “look into” it.

Marshall H. Tanick


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