Message received: Oscars lack diversity


Chris Rock, the host of Sunday’s Academy Awards, focused on the #OscarsSoWh­ite controvers­y in his monologue and throughout the evening.

Perhaps it was appropriat­e to bring the topic up, but to make it the theme throughout the whole awards show was over the top.

I got the message after Rock’s first stand-up. The rest was unnecessar­y.

Thomas Laurie Felts

I’m more concerned about the lack of black executives in corporatio­ns and employees in the tech sector. I’m also more concerned about the number of our kids going to jail than college. Those are real problems.

Eric Montgomery

Everyone laughed at Rock’s jokes, and then it will be business as usual. They are all rich, and some are complainin­g they aren’t treated right. Who cares?

Tom Wilson

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