The age of Republican­s against free trade


American workers have known for years that globalism takes jobs out of the country. Those promoting globalism could care less about America. Thank you Donald Trump for bringing the obvious to the forefront.

George Emmert

The person who has his ties, suits and other products made overseas is lambasting globalism? Are you smart enough not to buy what Trump is selling?

Walt Stasinski

Trump speaks the truth. We switched to a service economy — with its unskilled and poorly paid masses — from manu- facturing, which was once one third of our economy. Free trade is not free.

Kerry Cochell

Politician­s weren’t even talking about globalism taking American jobs or depressing our wages until Trump raised the issue. None of them were speaking up about controllin­g our borders. Everyone else was pushing some sort of amnesty. No one else was talking about how much we subsidize Europe by providing our military for their defense, freeing them to have lavish social benefits at our expense.

Trump isn't perfect, but he's head and shoulders above the rest.

George Husted

Millennial­s have already been indoctrina­ted into globalism as the norm. They have no reference to understand what Trump is talking about. Yes, our government could help to make this country better in regards to manufactur­ing and jobs, but the class of multinatio­nal corporatio­ns and billionair­es would have to take a pay cut to do so. The corruption is too widespread for even Trump as president to stop. Sadly, this country is lost, and the people who supported its demise will not realize they supported the destructio­n.

Damien Sandow

Until we have global trade unions with American-style labor protection­s for workers everywhere, crony-capitalist­s will move their plants and workers in an endless search for “cheap labor.” Trump is right.

Frank Joyce

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