Istanbul airport attacks raise travel fears


Our followers shared their thoughts on Tuesday’s attack on an Istanbul airport and if it made them reconsider air travel.

I'm traveling this year. The terrorists win, if Americans live in fear.


No. Neither did disappeari­ng airliners. Until American flights are in danger, it might not affect domestic travel.


In the past you never worried about your safety. Stay in a busy area you'll be OK. That's all changed now.


I refuse to live in fear, that's not living at all.


We are living in the darkest time in human history. Clearly the free world does not care one bit for the lives of the innocent people who have been slaughtere­d by this enemy. The Obama administra­tion has chosen to sit this one out — probably for the remainder of his term. They have allowed inaction to continue while more Americans die. We have had enough! This is a call for all patriots to rise and take back our government. We must avenge our dead and eliminate radical Islam.

Glenn Clegg

President Obama assembled a 65 nation coalition against ISIL and that force has been actively engaged for almost a year. The Obama-led action has run airstrikes killing thousands of Muslims. He will go down in history as the one person who recognized and attacked ISIL more than anyone.

Mike Haring

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