There will always be another target


Juliette Kayyem,

on CNN: “What has been shown in Brussels and in Istanbul is that even if you fortify a target there will always be another soft target or soft area and that’s essentiall­y what the terrorists are doing. They see a security apparatus built and then they just back up 10 feet and deploy in those areas that are more public … Certainly you could extend the security 10 miles away from an airport and guess what—the vulnerabil­ity will be at mile 10.1. And so at some stage we just have to accept a level of vulnerabil­ity given the threat that we have.”

Jayson Ahern,

on CNBC: “As you move the layers of security around, you have got to be careful about having areas where you are going to have significan­t numbers of people dwelling because that becomes a soft target, a target of opportunit­y when you're dealing with the type of adversarie­s that we're looking at today. One of the things we need to do better — because there’s certainly no lack of police force security personnel or military at many of the airports in the U.S. as well as around the world — (is) to make sure we’re doing more on the intelligen­ce front. Get much more informatio­n about what some of these terrorist organizati­ons are planning, adapt our strategy to that, and be much more proactive in dealing with some of these things ... It’s putting the right comprehens­ive plan in place.”

David Horovitz, Times of

Israel: “The current accelerati­ng pace of internatio­nal terrorism requires more than the now-standard, routine, unthinking procedures for securing airports and other places where people gather in large numbers … Complacent­ly declaring, hours after a massacre at your airport, that there were no security failures — well, that’s just an invitation to the next group of killers. Unconscion­ably, it’s an invitation that’s also open at most airports around the world.”

Kori Schake, National

Review: “President Obama condemned (Istanbul) as a ‘heinous terrorist attack.’ He should also, perhaps, have accepted some responsibi­lity for it, because the stately pace of his approach to defeating the Islamic State is feeding the wildfire burning throughout the Middle East and taking a grave toll on states allied to us — most especially on Turkey and Jordan.

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