Sanders shows us the way forward

- Charles Chamberlai­n

Insiders want to know when Bernie will concede the Democratic nomination, but that’s the wrong question to ask. By continuing to organize his supporters in strengthen­ing the Democratic Party, making it a more effective fighting force on behalf of working Americans, Bernie is doing more to help us win in November than if he quits today.

The political revolution isn’t just about Bernie Sanders. It’s a movement to reclaim our country from the destructiv­e forces of wealth and power that profited from the explosive growth of American income inequality, stealing a better future from working families.

This is a movement that existed before Bernie launched his campaign and — from drafting Elizabeth Warren into the Senate to forcing Democrats to abandon cuts to Social Security and Medicare as examples — has long-term ambitious goals. We’re just getting started.

Bernie Sanders and Democracy for America have been very clear that we will defeat Donald Trump, because keeping the White House this fall is essential to beating back the forces of economic, social and racial injustice.

We’ll also take on and beat Trump Republican­s across the country, up and down the ballot. Since 2008, Democrats have lost Congress, nearly 1,000 state legislativ­e seats and nearly a dozen governorsh­ips. Turnout has collapsed among young people and people of color, in part because many voters don’t believe Democrats care enough about their concerns.

The Bernie Sanders campaign shows us the way forward. Bernie has expanded our movement and amplified our voices and, through his leadership at the national convention, his delegates will have an opportunit­y to help remake Democratic politics, rack up big wins, and build a better future for this country.

Fighting for a bold, progressiv­e vision for America, Democrats can reverse years of losses and retake this country from the most extreme right-wing politics we’ve ever seen.

Instead of demanding that Bernie drop out, Democrats should be cheering him on and thanking him for his commitment to a political revolution that helps forge the path to victory in November and beyond.

Charles Chamberlai­n is the executive director of Democracy for America, a progressiv­e political action committee.

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