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Ancient prophecies, Alien invasions, worldwide political corruption and scandal, famine and destructio­n – these are topics that make you think of a science fiction thriller, but these riveting events and more have been foretold by the prophets and they ar


The 7 Prophetic Trumpets

I that the world today is in great turmoil and disarray, you are greatly mistaken. In the near f uture, we will look back at our current t imes as periods of comparativ­e peace and tranquilit­y. And this is no exaggerati­on.

So, what exactly is going to transpire in the ver y near future?

It is t he imminent blast ing of t he 7 prophetic Trumpets, outlined in the book of Revelation. These tr umpets represent the Father’s last call of mercy, His final effort to awaken humanity from spiritual blindness and to prepare us for the Second Coming of His Son.

We are so asleep and have become so insensitiv­e to what the Father is tr ying to tell us through nature, that ever y time we are struck with a record breaking storm, earthquake, hurricane, etc., we brush it off as a freak act of nature, soon to be forgotten.

It will not be so when the Trumpets begin to blast. The consequenc­es of these prophetic wake-up calls will not easily be brushed aside. Rather, they will make plain to all that the Creator is tr ying desperatel­y to get our attention, that we may accept His invitation to eternal life while there is yet time.

The devastatio­n of Revelation’s prophetic Trumpets will be absolutely devastatin­g.

Consider the following:

• When the first Trumpet blasts, 1/3 of all trees and all crops will be destroyed.

• When the second Trumpet blasts, 1/3 of all shipping vessels will be destroyed and 1/3 of all sea life will die.

• When the third Trumpet blast s, 1/3 of all fresh water sources will be poisoned.

Can you imagine t he panic t hat will gr ip t he financial markets when the world wakes up to the consequenc­es of just the first three Trumpets?

The Coming “Alien” Invasion?!

T will utterly panic, and desperatio­n will engulf them. Before being able to recover, though, humanity will be faced with the fifth Trumpet – which will usher in the most horrif y ing event in human history: A celestial invasion of demons posing as “aliens.” The pain that these “aliens” will inflict is likened in the Bible to the sting of a scorpion. The Scriptures state that people will want to die to escape the pain, but will be unable.

In the chaos that will engulf the world during the fifth trumpet, the powers that be will scramble to find a world leader that will end this “alien” invasion. They will rush to enlist the moral authority of this world, i.e. Pope Francis. The Pope will gladly accept the challenge and will engage the “aliens” in negotiatio­ns that will lead to the end of their invasion on the 150th day, just as foretold in the book of Revelation.

When the invasion ends, Pope Francis will emerge as the undisputed world leader and savior of mankind. Consequent­ly, all nations will gladly surrender their power and authorit y to Francis and ask him for a roadmap and agenda that will ensure another invasion never takes place.

The Pope and the Exaltation (Deception) of Sunday

T F ’ will be the exaltation of Sunday as a universal day of worship. The Pope will claim that keeping Sunday holy will please the Creator and will consequent­ly ensure the restoratio­n of peace and prosperity for the inhab - it ants of Earth, and more importantl­y, protection from future alien invasions. Commerce and labor will be outlawed worldwide on Sundays.

On the surface, it will appear that such an action would please our Heavenly Father. In reality, it will sorely displease Heaven as Sunday is a counterfei­t day of worship and has nothing at all to do with the Biblical Sabbath. The Creator’s Sabbath, as outlined in Scripture, cannot even be found using the modern Gregorian calendar. The Sabbath of Scripture can only be found by the calendar of Creation, which is based on the movements of the sun and moon.

The world-wide exaltation of Sunday will ultimately make worse what is already a devastatin­g situation, as calamities will only intensif y following its mandated legislatio­n. Amidst the chaos, there will be intense worldwide debate about which day we are to keep holy. Sunday and the Gregorian calendar will be pitted against the Bible Sabbath and the Creator’s calendar.

Two Camps. Where is your tent?

T into two camps:

(1) The over whelming majority of people, with the goal of restoring normalcy and prosperity, will blindly follow whatever the Pope and the world leaders say.

(2) A incredibly small minority, though, will choose to uphold our Heavenly Father’s Sabbath no matter the cost.

The escalating upheaval of society and intensifyi­ng calamities will be blamed on this small, unwavering minorit y who refuse to succumb to pressure. Consequent­ly, many of these will pay the ultimate price for their steadfastn­ess in honoring the tr ue Sabbath.

I s your jaw on t he f loor? Well, reg a i n some sense of composure, beloved, and plea se go to

World s L a s t Cha nce. com/e n to learn more about the lies that you have been told by every organizati­on that you thought you could trust. We have nothing to gain here, and you have ever ything to lose.

Or probably you are in a different camp. More likely than not, you are scoffing, calling us names, and suppressin­g that still small voice in your head that is saying, “What if they are right??” My friend, YOU are who this message is for. Have you heard that saying, “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it”? Well, we implore you to take just a few minutes and check it out further. We know this looks CR AZY from the outset. We know it. But crazy might just save your eternal soul. You, beloved of Heaven, are reading t hese words for a ver y speci f ic reason. See you soon...

There is so much more we w a nt t o sha re w it h you. V i s it

world s l a s t cha today!

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