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Tuc­son: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx As­teroid Sam­ple Re­turn mis­sion, which ar­rived at the as­teroid Bennu on Mon­day, in­spired Dillinger Brew­ing Com­pany to cre­ate a series of beers. The brew­ery first came out with “Bennu Ap­proach,” and now “Bennu Ar­rival” is avail­able. “The fun thing that we did with this beer is we made it so that a pint of it has the same albedo as the as­teroid,” owner and gen­eral man­ager Eric Sipe says. Work­ing with NASA sci­en­tists, he was able to cre­ate a con­ver­sion to get the color of the beer to have the same pro­por­tion of light re­flected as Bennu. The full-bod­ied im­pe­rial stout has lo­cal cold brew cof­fee and ca­cao.


Dillinger Brew­ing Com­pany’s lat­est beer is Bennu Ar­rival.

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