The wall is just red meat for the GOP base



Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump headed to Texas on Thursday in an effort to pro­mote his long-promised wall and again threatened to de­clare a na­tional emergency if Democrats don’t agree to his de­mand for fund­ing.

Repub­li­cans con­trolled the White House and Con­gress for two years. If this is such a cri­sis, why didn’t they ap­pro­pri­ate money for the wall? Be­cause there is no cri­sis, just a gam­bit to keep the gullible, ig­no­rant base foam­ing at the mouth.

Ron David

Our air­ports are less safe now. Proper food in­spec­tions are pos­si­bly be­ing skipped. The so­cial safety nets are at risk.

Al­low­ing Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump to de­stroy our fed­eral govern­ment this way over a failed 2016 cam­paign prom­ise is un-Amer­i­can. Stay strong, Democrats. Don’t al­low Trump to get away with this or he will just do it again.

John Ber­tel­son

Fi­nally, a pres­i­dent who has the guts to tell Democrats to go pound sand when they refuse to ne­go­ti­ate. Pull the cord and de­clare a na­tional emergency, Mr. Pres­i­dent, and build that wall.

Jerry Bevins

A wall is a per­ma­nent struc­ture, un­like ev­ery­thing else pro­posed, like fences, drones or per­son­nel. All other op­tions will be called off as soon as an­other glob­al­ist/so­cial­ist pres­i­dent moves into the White House. But a wall is not that easy to de­con­struct. That is why Democrats are op­pos­ing it.

Yev­ge­nia Jane Rapoport

Trump sup­port­ers are not get­ting their wall. They were never go­ing to get it. If they voted for Trump for that rea­son, that’s their prob­lem.

It’s dis­tress­ing that our pres­i­dent is not a pres­i­dent for all and re­fuses to lis­ten to the ma­jor­ity. Our Found­ing Fa­thers are turn­ing in their graves.

Susan Long Kuehl

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