Net­flix of­fers hours and hours of hor­rors

If you are look­ing to be scared, these 10 flicks will turn your own home into a haunted house.

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Don’t look now, but Net­flix has be­come a real house of hor­rors. The sub­scrip­tion stream­ing ser­vice is best known as a haven for binge watch­ers, and those who dig the scary stuff have hours of “Stranger Things,” “The Haunt­ing of Hill House” and “The Chill­ing Ad­ven­tures of Sab­rina” to keep them up at night. Yet Net­flix has also, rather sur­rep­ti­tiously, built up an im­pres­sive slate of orig­i­nal hor­ror movies.

The most high-pro­file one so far is the so­cial me­dia sen­sa­tion “Bird Box,” fea­tur­ing a blind­folded San­dra Bul­lock try­ing to get kids to safety when the world has gone in­sane, thanks to a mys­te­ri­ous force that turns peo­ple sui­ci­dal when they see it (what­ever it is). Ac­cord­ing to Nielsen, 26 mil­lion sub­scribers watched the movie within the first week.

And there’s more to come: “The Per­fec­tion” (out May 24) stars “Get Out” ac­tress Al­li­son Wil­liams and cen­ters on two cello prodi­gies with a sin­is­ter drive to be the best.

If you’ve seen “Bird Box,” made it out un­scathed and might be won­der­ing what to check out next (or at least test your fear-fac­tor lim­its), here are 10 other Net­flix op­tions for ev­ery hor­ror taste.

If you like killer hus­bands: ‘1922’

When his wife (Molly Parker) wants to sell their land, move to the city, open a dress shop and, oh, yeah, get a divorce, a Ne­braska rancher (Thomas Jane) mur­ders her and sticks the corpse in a well. It’s based on a Stephen King novella, so you can guess things get very bad for that dude. Also, be­ware those eas­ily freaked out by mice – this thing has a ton of them.

If you like crazy cults: ‘Apos­tle’

In a turn-of-the-20th-cen­tury pe­riod piece, Dan Stevens is a for­mer Chris­tian mis­sion­ary who trav­els to a Welsh is­land to res­cue his sis­ter from a

god­dess-wor­ship­ing cult and its wildeyed leader (Michael Sheen). Be pre­pared to avoid spears and screws after this slow-burn­ing drama that turns bonkers by the end.

If you like devil­ish teens: ‘The Babysit­ter’

Cole (Ju­dah Lewis) is en­am­ored with his sit­ter Bee (Sa­mara Weav­ing), who stands up to his bul­lies and is pretty much the coolest girl ever. That is, un­til Bee and her high school friends turn out to be a se­cret satanic cult, Cole sees them in ac­tion and he has to es­cape the house be­fore wind­ing up sac­ri­ficed to the devil.

If you like weirdo lit­tle kids: ‘Be­fore I Wake’

Ja­cob Trem­blay com­pletists need to peep this one: The young­ster plays a fos­ter child who moves in with a cou­ple who lost their own boy. He’s not a big fan of sleep­ing, though, be­cause his dreams have a habit of com­ing alive – to­tally cool when it’s but­ter­flies but not so much when some­thing night­mar­ish haunts his new fam.

If you like web creep­ers: ‘Cam’

While the world of on­line cam­girls al­ready is plenty icky, an am­bi­tious upand-comer (Made­line Brewer) dis­cov­ers some­thing truly dis­turb­ing when a mys­te­ri­ous looka­like hi­jacks her ac­count and starts host­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar (and very bloody) video chats.

If you like sur­vival thrills: ‘Ger­ald’s Game’

An­other King adap­ta­tion casts Carla Gug­ino and Bruce Green­wood as a cou­ple on a lake­front get­away who en­gage in a sex game where he hand­cuffs her to the bed and, un­for­tu­nately, falls dead of a heart at­tack. Stuck, she tries to fig­ure out ways to es­cape as she’s taunted by vi­sions of her dead love.

If you like home in­va­sions: ‘Hush’

The tired slasher trope gets an in­ter- es­t­ing tweak here: Deaf writer Mad­die (Kate Siegel) lost her hear­ing as a teen and lives in an iso­lated house in the woods. A masked psy­cho kills her neigh­bor and then stalks her, though finds out Mad­die’s a pretty smart and ca­pa­ble woman.

If you like the walk­ing un­dead: ‘Rav­en­ous’

With shades of Ge­orge Romero-style so­cial com­men­tary, the French-Canadi- an film fol­lows a small group of sur­vivors try­ing to deal with the af­ter­math of a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse in ru­ral Que­bec. This smart take on an over­done theme is much more con­cerned with hu­man feel­ings than crea­ture de­cap­i­ta­tions.

If you like an­cient deities: ‘ The Rit­ual’

A group of British friends re­con­nects to honor a dead friend and em­barks on a hike in Swe­den. Flash­backs to their pal’s death haunt them, as well as strange events that oc­cur on their ex­cur­sion, and the guys stum­ble into a sit­u­a­tion in­volv­ing dark crea­tures and Norse mythol­ogy.

If you like pos­sessed girls: ‘Veron­ica’

The su­per-freak­tas­tic Span­ish film stars San­dra Es­ca­cena as the ti­tle teen, who’s play­ing with a Ouija board with her friends dur­ing a so­lar eclipse. Para­nor­mal stuff starts hap­pen­ing – odd marks on her skin, burns on her mat­tress – and Veron­ica is forced to pro­tect her sib­lings from the un­leashed de­monic force.



A Ne­braska rancher (Thomas Jane) is cursed when he mur­ders his wife in the Stephen King adap­ta­tion “1922.”


An English­man (Dan Stevens) goes un­der­cover in a mys­te­ri­ous cult to find his miss­ing sis­ter in “Apos­tle.”


Sam Troughton, left, Rafe Spall, Ar­sher Ali and Robert James-Col­lier are friends who take a fate­ful hik­ing trip in “The Rit­ual.”


Three teens (from left, Carla Cam­pra, San­dra Es­ca­cena and An­gela Fabian) make the mis­take of mess­ing with a Ouija board in “Veron­ica.”


Carla Gug­ino is a wife haunted by her dead hus­band (Bruce Green­wood) in “Ger­ald's Game.”

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