Let us count the ways Hallmark is Christmas

- Erin Jensen

For the 10th anniversar­y of Countdown to Christmas, Hallmark gave to thee so many interestin­g insights about the network’s popular holiday programmin­g.

This year’s assortment kicked off Friday. “Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses” (starring Jill Wagner and Matthew Davis) premiered Saturday, the first of two dozen movies to premiere, followed by “Merry & Bright” (Jodie Sweetin and Andrew Walker) Nov. 2 (8


What is there to know about Hallmark Channel’s offering that helps viewers jingle all the way through the holidays? A look at Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, by the numbers.


In 2010, Hallmark started its Countdown to Christmas franchise, a promotiona­l umbrella for the holiday movies it airs at the end of each year.

The first, on Nov. 6 of that year was “A Family Thanksgivi­ng,” a movie about a woman who’s about to make partner at her law firm, says Daphne Zuniga,in a promotiona­l clip ahead of the movie’s premiere. “She’s not married, she doesn’t have kids, and a genie (Faye Dunaway) comes along and changes the whole situation.”


The number of Countdown to Christmas features that have been made, including the movies premiering this holiday season.


The titles in which Candace Cameron Bure plays the romantic lead – enough to make any “Full House” fan say “Oh, Mylanta!”

This year, Cameron Bure appears in “Christmas Town“(Dec. 1), as a woman who says bye-bye to Boston looking for a change and finding the delightful town of Grandon Falls.

And forget about there being “none

For Gretchen Weiners”: “Mean Girls” star Lacey Chabert, who played that character, also has starred in eight Countdown to Christmas movies.

In the soon-to-air “Christmas in Rome” (Nov. 30), she embodies Angela, a recently fired tour guide who is hired

by an executive (Sam Page) to show him around. It feels safe to assume these two find amore.

Other actresses have also racked up their fair share of films, including Erin Krakow (6), Danica McKellar (5) and Rachel Boston (5).


Does Cameron Bure possess a little Christmas magic of her own? The actress has starred in four of the 10 highest-rated Countdown to Christmas films, including “Christmas Under Wraps” (2014), “Switched for Christmas” (2017), “Journey Back to Christmas” (2016), and “A Christmas Detour” (2015).


The number of films former “All My Children” cast member Cameron Mathison has starred in, the most for any male actor. Mathison, who revealed in September he has renal cancer, stars with Elizabeth Mitchell in “The Christmas Club,” (Nov. 27) in which two people cross paths while assisting someone who has misplaced her Christmas funds.

Andrew Walker (5), Niall Matter (5), Paul Greene (5) and Jesse Metcalfe (2) finish out the top five.


The number of days most movie shoots last. Hallmark holiday movies are shot throughout the year, most often in Vancouver.

 ?? KIM NUNNELEY/ALEXX HENRY STUDIOS ?? Candace Cameron Bure is a Hallmark veteran.
KIM NUNNELEY/ALEXX HENRY STUDIOS Candace Cameron Bure is a Hallmark veteran.

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