Opposing view: We’re acting to enhance safety of the 737 Max

- Dennis Muilenburg Dennis Muilenburg is president and CEO of Boeing.

On behalf of everyone at Boeing, I want to convey our heartfelt condolence­s to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives in these accidents. We are truly sorry.

We are taking actions to enhance the safety of the 737 Max to prevent the flight control conditions that occurred in this accident from ever happening again. Safety of the flying public, our customers and the crews aboard our airplanes is always our top priority.

The 737 Max and its software are undergoing an unpreceden­ted level of global regulatory oversight, testing and analysis. We updated the Maneuverin­g Characteri­stics Augmentati­on System on the 737 Max by adding three additional layers of protection to prevent accidents like these from ever happening again. To date, we’ve conducted over 800 test and production flights with the updated MCAS software, totaling more than 1,500 hours.

We are making a second software update that provides additional flight control computer redundancy. Some 545 participan­ts from more than 140 customers and regulators globally, including the U.S. Federal Aviation Administra­tion,

have participat­ed in simulator sessions of the MCAS software update. Recently, we completed a dryrun certificat­ion flight test.

We are updating crew manuals and pilot training, designed to ensure every pilot has all of the informatio­n they need to fly the 737 Max safely.

Boeing continues to work with the FAA and global regulators on the certificat­ion of the software update and training program to safely return the 737 Max to service.

Boeing has also establishe­d a $100 million relief fund to meet family and community needs of those affected by these accidents. Fifty million dollars has been set aside for the Boeing Financial Assistance Fund, which is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to the families of the victims of the accidents.

Our more than 150,000 Boeing people are unwavering in their commitment to our customers and our values, and the changes we’re implementi­ng now will further strengthen our approach to safety across our company and the aerospace community.

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