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... the letter set forth an indefinite ban for each.”

MLB spokesman Michael Teevan about a letter indefinite­ly banning two women who flashed their chests on television during the seventh inning of Game 5 of the World Series Sunday night. The women, identified as Shagmag founder Julia Rose and company brand executive Lauren Summer, claimed on social media to be promoting breast cancer awareness.

My biggest thing is, referees aren’t held accountabl­e. Coaches get fired. General managers get fired. Players get cut. Referees aren’t accountabl­e. And it’s a shame.”

Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians on Monday about an apparent officiatin­g mistake that may have cost his Bucs the game in a 27-23 loss Sunday to Tennessee. With 3:45 left, the Titans ran a fake field goal play in which punter Brett Kern was stopped short of the line of scrimmage. An official blew the whistle quickly, effectivel­y ending the play. Replays, however, showed Bucs LB Devin White had jarred the ball loose before Kern hit the ground. Tampa safety Andrew Adams scooped the ball and had a clear path to the end zone in what almost certainly would have been a touchdown. But because the play was blown dead, the return was not reviewable.

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