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- Contributi­ng: Mike Stucka, Jordan Culver, John Bacon, The Associated Press

● Israel on Sunday announced plans to vaccinate tens of thousands of Palestinia­ns who work inside Israel and its West Bank settlement­s. Israel has come under internatio­nal criticism for not sharing its vaccine stockpile with Palestinia­ns in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

● The federal government has agreed to buy 100,000 doses of a COVID-19 treatment by Eli Lilly, the company announced Friday. The drug, bamlanivim­ab, is a monoclonal antibody, meaning it mimics one of the natural antibodies the immune system uses to fight off the virus. The FDA authorized the drug late last year.

● School bells ring Monday for the youngest students in Las Vegas, where the nation’s fifth-largest district will return children to classrooms with a “hybrid” schedule for preschoole­rs through third graders.

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