How to preorder the iPhone 13

Here’s what you need to know about the process

- Brett Molina USA TODAY

Starting Friday, you get your order in, but it’s likely you will have to wait a bit to get them.

Starting Friday, consumers can preorder the iPhone 13, the latest version of Apple’s popular smartphone.

Preorders kick off Friday at 8 a.m. EDT, available through the Apple Store website, as well as wireless carriers AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint and Verizon, along with retailers Best Buy and Walmart.

The new iPhones will ship Sept. 24, although depending on demand, it’s likely eager consumers might have to wait longer for their new smartphone to arrive.

On Thursday, Apple said users who preorder through their website can pick the iPhone they want, choose how to pay, then leave it in their online cart so they are one click away from purchases once preorders go live Friday. Consumers have until midnight Eastern time Friday.

Wireless carriers are offering a variety of incentives for iPhone 13. AT&T is offering the iPhone 13 Pro and Mini for free, while the Pro Max and standard iPhone 13 are available for $99. The deal for new and existing customers requires an eligible trade-in, a commitment to an unlimited plan and a 36-month installmen­t plan.

T-Mobile is offering a “forever upgrade” where users can preorder the new iPhone, then receive $800 in trade-in value every two years for the next upgrade.

Verizon is offering new or existing customers a free iPhone 13 on select trade-ins with eligible 24-month unlimited plans.

Both Best Buy and Walmart are offering similar discounts on eligible trade-ins.

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