Heat wave makes May seem like summer

- Doyle Rice

The calendar says May, but the weather says July.

Record-high temperatur­es will be challenged across a 2,000-mile-long stretch of the U.S. this week thanks to an early-season heat wave.

The scorching heat already in place for several days in Texas will be coming to the Midwest and the northeaste­rn U.S. and part of southeaste­rn Canada, AccuWeathe­r said.

“Highs near 100 degrees in the south-central states, the 90s in parts of the Midwest and the 80s in portions of the Northeast will challenge record highs set as far back as the late 1800s in some cases,” AccuWeathe­r senior meteorolog­ist Alex Sosnowski said.

In fact, temperatur­es into the 90s were expected from eastern portions of the Plains into the lower and midMissour­i and Mississipp­i Valleys under a strengthen­ing warm upper ridge, the National Weather Service said.

Afternoon temperatur­es into the 80s were forecast to expand into the interior section of New England and possibly reach the 90s by Friday, the Weather Service predicted.

The heat will sizzle in major Texas cities such as Dallas and Houston. The Midwestern hubs of Chicago and St. Louis also will roast, AccuWeathe­r said. Along with the heat will be summerlike humidity, a sharp change from recent chilly weather in the Midwest, said.

“So, take it easy and remember basic heat safety,” said. “Minimize your time outdoors in the hottest part of the day. Drink plenty of liquids. Check on those who may not have air conditioni­ng, including the elderly.”

The heat wave will end in the northcentr­al U.S. by the weekend, forecaster­s said. Cooler temperatur­es will engulf the Midwest over the weekend, putting an end to this early-season hot stretch in that region, meteorolog­ist Jonathan Erdman said. But Texas will endure record heat through the weekend, he said.

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