First all-women officiatin­g crew set for men’s World Cup match

- Jordan Mendoza

An officiatin­g crew will make history at the World Cup on Thursday when they take the pitch as the first all-woman crew to call a men’s match in the tournament.

Stephanie Frappart, who already made history as the first woman to officiate a men’s World Cup match last week, will achieve another milestone when she becomes the first woman head referee in a men’s World Cup when Germany takes on Costa Rica in the Group E finale. Frappart, from France, will be joined by Neuza Back of Brazil and Karen Diaz of Mexico to round out the historic group, FIFA announced Tuesday.

Aside from officiatin­g Mexico and Poland’s opening match, Frappart has broken through other barriers. She became the first woman to referee a UEFA Champions League match in 2020, as

well as a match in France’s Ligue 1. The French official has been on the FIFA Internatio­nal Referees List since 2009.

“The men’s World Cup is the most important sporting competitio­n in the world. I was the first referee in France and in Europe, so I know how to deal with it,” Frappart said in a statement.

Frappart, Back and Diaz aren’t the only female officials in Qatar.

Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan and Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda are listed as referees for the 2022 World Cup, while Kathryn Nesbitt of the U.S. is an assistant, totaling six women taking part.

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