How much can you make work­ing with Grub­hub?

Your re­sults may vary on these de­liv­ery apps

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We’ve all heard about driv­ing for Uber and Lyft, but how much money can you make de­liv­er­ing for com­pa­nies like Seam­less, Grub­hub, UberEats, DoorDash and Post­mates?

Just as with driv­ing for Uber and Lyft, these com­pa­nies let driv­ers sign into their apps to make de­liv­er­ies on their own sched­ules.

Are they worth it? We take a look at some of the top de­liv­ery apps to find out.

Our method: Us­ing pop­u­lar job sites Glass­door and In­deed, we looked at the av­er­age driver wages re­ported for each of the com­pa­nies listed be­low. We then mul­ti­plied that av­er­age by 40 hours and 52 weeks to get our yearly wage.

As with any gig econ­omy job, these are not tra­di­tional salaries, and pay will vary based on lo­ca­tion, time of day and how busy each ser­vice is. The re­ported to­tal wages do not ap­pear to fac­tor in taxes, ex­penses or tips, nor pro­mo­tions the ser­vices run to boost earn­ings.

Grub­hub and Seam­less

Grub­hub and Seam­less are two of the largest de­liv­ery apps in the coun­try. Ini­tially com­peti­tors, the two com­pa­nies merged in 2013 and have since con­tin­ued to run both ser­vices in cities around the coun­try, with Grub­hub be­com­ing the par­ent brand.

As with many of the com­pa­nies on this list, de­liv­er­ies can be made via cars as well as by rid­ing bi­cy­cles and scoot­ers and by walk­ing (ex­act op­tions avail­able vary by city).

Ac­cord­ing to 73 salaries on Glass­door, Grub­hub driv­ers typ­i­cally make $12 per hour. Ac­cord­ing to 92 re­ported salaries on In­deed, the av­er­age hourly pay for Grub­hub driv­ers was $11.05.

Over the course of a year, this would break down to be­tween $22,894 and $24,960 an­nu­ally at 40 hours a week.


Uber’s food de­liv­ery ser­vice launched in 2014, ex­pand­ing Uber be­yond ride-shar­ing and into food de­liv­ery around the world.

While there is not a lot of data out there for Uber Eats, based on 31 salaries for Uber de­liv­ery driv­ers on Glass­door, we found the av­er­age hourly salary to be $10. On In­deed, nine wages were re­ported at an av­er­age of $15.57 per hour.

Over the course of a year, this would break down to be­tween $20,800 and roughly $32,386 an­nu­ally if work­ing as a 40-hour-per-week job.


As with UberEats and Grub­hub, de­liv­er­ies on DoorDash can be made in a va­ri­ety of ways, in­clud­ing mo­tor­cy­cles, scoot­ers, bikes and walk­ing (again, de­pend­ing on city).

Based on 75 salaries on Glass­door, the av­er­age hourly pay for de­liv­er­ies on DoorDash is $10 per hour. Based on 188 re­ports, In­deed has the av­er­age salary for DoorDash at $17.74 per hour.

Over a year, this would trans­late to a salary be­tween $20,800 and roughly $36,899 if done full time.


Reach­ing over 135 mil­lion peo­ple, Post­mates cov­ers ar­eas all across the U.S. Un­like some of the other op­tions on this list, it de­liv­ers more than food, in­clud­ing drinks and gro­ceries. As de­liv­er­ers can also be clas­si­fied as couri­ers, things are bit trick­ier to cal­cu­late.

Ac­cord­ing to 40 salaries posted to Glass­door, the av­er­age pay is $11 per hour for driv­ers. For couri­ers, the av­er­age is $10, based on 59 post­ings to the site.

On In­deed, based on 136 salaries, the av­er­age for de­liv­ery driv­ers is $19.97 per hour. For couri­ers, the av­er­age pay is $13.64 based on 44 salaries.

Over a year the av­er­age for driv­ers ranges from $22,880 to roughly $41,538 for driv­ers and $20,800 to roughly $28,371 for couri­ers.


Grub­Hub also owns Seam­less.

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