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Weekly message from Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud

- Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud

Hello Everyone,

Last weekend was opening of deer hunting gun season and incase you haven’t noticed is a BIG deal in our area! Our local businesses held an event for those who were not hunting, “Save a Buck & Spend Some Doe”. It was great seeing all the people uptown enjoying the stores, fellowship and nice weather.

Speaking of weather,

fall sure seems to present a myriad of patterns from 70’s & sunny to snowy and not so sunny. Fall has been pretty darn nice though cooler days are more frequent, enjoy the ones you can.

November 11th is Veterans’ Day. It is a time to honor all Veterans of uniformed services who served or are still serving in times of peace or war. Please, “Thank a Veteran”.

For you who aren’t aware, VCPS and VCSU collaborat­e to afford VCPS students to earn “Dual Credits”. The program allows students to earn college credits at a reduced cost while attending high school. Thank you to all who make these types of programs possible.

Our city is offering some cost share opportunit­ies should you like to replace your overhead power lines with undergroun­d. Check with our Electrical Superinten­dent, Marshall Senf, at 845-8143 to see if it works for you.

Help. Overall we have done better picking up after our pets this year. One more thing, please pick up after your pets on the “The Broken Road”. Thank you for helping.

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) is working to maintain an affordable, reliable power supply for our 61 members.

Thank you to all who provide and proof material for this article.

“All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” (Charlie Brown) Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,

 ?? ?? By Mayor Carlsrud
By Mayor Carlsrud

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