Valley City Times-Record

Country Focus: Winter rears an ugly head

- By Stacey Kunze-Lilja, VCTR Correspond­ent

Winter has reared its ugly head. I don’t mind a small amount of snow during the first storm, but over five inches is just too much. Heck, most of us need a practice storm to become reacquaint­ed with our winter driving skills.

I publicly admit that I have turned in to my parents. I told a couple of farm boys in elementary school that spending five hours in the tractor was nothing compared to the 10-12 hours picking rocks in the hot sun. I should have added up hill both ways. Uffda…I suppose we all hear ourselves sounding like our parents at some point in our lives since they were a tremendous influence. When I need to be nurturing for example when a kid scrapes a knee or another student was mean to them, I totally sound like my mom and sometimes my grandmas minus giving them a cookie. However, some kids need the tough love like, “Are you going to die? Just walk it off. You’ll be fine.” I’ve used that one on my daughter and her reply was, “Mom, it’s not my leg that hurts.” Well, buck up buttercup, I’m not putting a band aid on that teeny tiny cut.

I was feeling my age after spending a few hours in the cold last Saturday sitting in the deer blind waiting for a deer. My husband and I only saw three pheasants and a coyote. The coyote was too far out to take a shot and we don’t hunt birds. Hopefully after the storm when the sun is out, the deer will be moving. I’m anxious to shoot one and put the meat in my freezer.

With Veterans Day today, my sincere thanks to all who have answered the call to step up and served our country. We salute you today and everyday.

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