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Rememberin­g our Veterans every day

- By Tami Olsen

As of a few years ago, over 46,067 veterans call North Dakota their home. With over 8.5% of the adult population of Barnes County being made up of veterans. Living in a small town, it’s easy to either personally know someone that is a veteran or be a veteran yourself. While some graduate high school with plans to become a teacher, an accountant, or any other career, there are few that feel the call to serve their country. Often a thankless route to take, men and women signed their name on the dotted line and through blood, sweat, and tears gave their all for American freedom.

Some might wonder, well, what happens after enlistment? What happens after being overseas and having to come home to a normal civilian life? What some people don’t realize is that there isn’t always the grand fanfare you see in the movies.

For some veterans they are left to try and navigate looking at a world through a new set of eyes that doesn’t always lead to easy acclimatio­n. The mental and physical toll that being in the military can cause to someone can turn them into never being the same.

With the times we are living in now, it can be hard enough to try and get by. Add on top of that any physical or mental complicati­ons can cause an even bigger strain. Locally, we have the Barnes County Veteran Service Office that helps to provide veterans resources that can help them to live a better quality of life. The office provides assistance in areas like pensions, military records, medical care, VA benefits, death payments, and proof of service burials to both veterans and their families. Angela Hunt is our local Veterans Service Officer and utilizes others on her team to help navigate different programs. With a drive to ensure every veteran and their family gets what they are entitled to, the office can help provide different resources that veterans might not be aware of. The office is located in the courthouse at 230 4th St. NW in room 204 and they are available by phone at (701) 845-8511. Veterans Affairs is also available to help at (800) 698-2411 with different locations throughout North Dakota. There is also the veteran’s crisis line that you can dial 988 and press 1 or you can chat online at veteranscr­ or text 838255.

Even if it isn’t Veteran’s Day, take the two seconds to thank a veteran. That small act of kindness is the least someone can do for someone that served our country. Today and every day, the Times Record salutes those currently serving and the veterans that have helped us continue to be the land of the free, because of the brave.

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