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VCFD annual Firemens Drag Race event 2022 winners

- By TR staff,

The Valley City Eagles Club was a buzz with the holiday spirit this weekend for the annual Valley City Firefighte­r’s Dance. Part of that tradition -- fan favorite -- The Firemen Drag Race event. Here teams of three people have to dress one of their team mates in full firefighte­rs garb, then grab the newly dressed teammate by the arms and drag them around an obstacle course. Winner was determined by the best time.

Congratula­tions to the 2022 VCFD Firemen Drag Race winners: Staci Dryer, Adam Larson and Brady Larson (pictured above). With special mention to 2nd place: DeDe Hejtmanek, Katie Hejtmanek, Freddy Gille and 3rd place: Jarin Thornton, Lana Kirschenma­nn, Randy Klein teams.

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