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Christmas lights up the town of Page

- By Iain Woessner

A bit of magic has illuminate­d Page, ND this year, continuing a tradition sparked last year of setting up dazzling displays of holiday lighting on the trees and decor called Light up the Park.

The park in Page will be merry and bright until January 7th. There’s no admission to drive through the park and take in the lights, though freewill donations are accepted.

The event was started last year when the mayor and the park board president for Page were inspired by Lindenwood’s own light displays, and so thought to take the natural beauty of Page’s park and enhance it with Christmas lights. This

year, according to Kyle Erickson of the Page Park Board, there are 11 new displays and two loops for drivers to go through, the main loop through the park and new displays on the north side. “Ottertail Power installed new outlets for new displays,” Erickson said. “We are having hot chocolate and goodie bags for the kids on December 7th from 5-6 pm, December 14th from 6-7 pm, and December 28th from 6:30-7:30 p.m.”

They’ll skip the 21st because on Sunday, Dec. 18th, the community is having a Christmas event, including a Christmas movie at the Page Theater from 3:30-5 p.m, a silent auction and supper at the fire hall, wagon rides and hot chocolate around the park, among other things. Plus, rumor has it, Santa Claus is going to be at the Page Fire Hall, taking pictures with kids.

If you want a spot to set up your own lights, be it a tree or a whole tractor trailer, it’ll cost $25. Reach out to the Page Park Board for more informatio­n, and go check the lights out for yourself, highly visible from State Highway 38 and Cass County 26.

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