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Learning Local – Highlighti­ng Area School Systems: Barnes County North

- By Tami Olsen, VCTR Correspond­ent

When people from out of state think of North Dakota, they often think we don’t have running water and still drive horse and buggy to get around. While we are set a little bit farther in the future than some might think, local communitie­s still hold some of that small town charm that big cities don’t have. One thing that is special about North Dakota is still having smaller towns where everybody knows everybody. Included in that is the ability to have a school system that students aren’t known by a number but by a face and a name. The Times-Record is going to be doing a series highlighti­ng school systems within our area communitie­s that while may be small in numbers, still continue to get raving reviews from students and parents.

The first school the Times-Record will be focusing on is Barnes County North. The BCN school district was created from three school districts which were North Central of Barnes, Spiritwood, and Wimbledon-Courtenay. In November of 2013 the new school building was finished and students from Courtenay, Dazey, Leal, Rogers, Sanborn, Sibley, Spiritwood, Spiritwood Lake, and Wimbledon moved into the new school. With 248 students currently enrolled in their PreK through 12th grade the numbers continue to grow over the years as children from the surroundin­g communitie­s travel to the school. Their PreK class is also a full 5-day class.

BCN prides itself on its academics, sports, and technology. The Times Record spoke with Joanne Jorissen, Administra­tive Assistant at BCN, and she said, “One thing that makes our school system special is the high quality of technology. There is a device for every student.” There are also many students active in athletics with the school having volleyball for junior high, JV, and Varsity, basketball for elementary, junior high, JV, and Varsity, and cross country and track & field. Students involved in football, wrestling, and baseball all co-op with Valley City. Elementary students also co-op for Thunder Football and Express Wrestling out of Valley City. For gymnastics and hockey, students co-op with Jamestown. There are also students that participat­e in the Clay Target League, an Archery Team, and a Dance Team out of Wimbledon. Speech is also competed by BCN with there also being a FCCLA chapter and Honor Society chapter through North Dakota.

Upcoming events for Barnes County North school include the BCN Dollars for Scholars chapter having their Fun Night coming up on Friday, March 31st, 2023, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

 ?? Submitted photo ?? Barnes County North School pictured above.
Submitted photo Barnes County North School pictured above.

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