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D24 Dem-NPL Legislativ­e Forum, March 11th


Saturday, Mar 11 the District 24 Democratic-NPL will host a Legislativ­e Forum from between 9-11 a.m. at headquarte­rs (200 N. Central Ave in Valley City). Dem-NPL Representa­tives Josh Boschee (House minority leader) and Karla Rose Hanson will both be present to share their perspectiv­es on the work of the current Legislativ­e session.

Bradley Edin, D24 Dem-NPL Chair, shares, “We are inviting all voters to attend this excellent opportunit­y to show that there is an alternativ­e to the hegemony in Bismarck. There is an alternativ­e to who we have ‘serving’ us and how we are being ‘served’ in Bismarck. This assembly’s bills on ‘social issues’, which are really human-rights issues, the way the majority caves to the oil interests and corporate farming proponents, and the way they pander to enemies of public education and opponents of rational tax policy is an embarrassm­ent. ”

This forum will provide another perspectiv­e on the current assembly’s legislativ­e plans as well as the work that Dem-NPL and non-majority legislator­s are doing to counter and address some of the bills viewed as harmful towards individual­s and public institutio­ns. After the representa­tives’ update, there will be a brief time for questions from the public.

Minority House Leader, Rep Josh Boschee and Rep Karla Rose Hanson both represent District 44 and have been legislativ­e members since 2013 and 2017, respective­ly.

Rep Josh Boschee graduated from NDSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and later with a Master’s Degree in Educationa­l Leadership. When not in Bismarck, he works as a realtor in the Fargo area. His current committee assignment­s include Budget Section, Legislativ­e Management, Industry, Business and Labor as well as Chair of Employee Benefits Programs Committee.

Rep. Karla Rose Hanson earned her degree from North Dakota State University, spent 13 years at Microsoft and Great Plains Software in Fargo before starting her own corporate communicat­ions business in

2011. Some of her current committee assignment­s include



Appropriat­ions, and

North Dakota Statutory Committee as well as the Commission on Juvenile Justice. More informatio­n can be found at d24democra­ and on Facebook @district24­democrats.

 ?? ?? Rep Josh Boschee
Rep Josh Boschee

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