Skin in the Game

Get that Hollywood glow with at-home treatments and products

- By Jasmin Rosemberg

Before makeup artist Molly R. Stern makes up the famous faces of clients including Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler, she spends considerab­le time on skincare prep.

“By stimulatin­g your skin with great products and generating blood flow, you end up not needing as much makeup, which always feels good,” she says.

Stern does a lot of product layering and massage. “Natura Bisse’s Diamond Instant Glow kit lifts and firms in minutes. It’s a luxurious choice for a big game day.”

Next, she’ll massage in a serum, such as Kat Burki’s Rose Hip Revitalizi­ng Face Serum, which “feels like it’s quenching the skin,” or Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum with CBD — “this is great day or night for a calming glow.”

Then she’ll apply an emollient moisturize­r, such as Epicuren’s

Ultra Rose Treat Enzyme Moisturize­r or Augustinus Bader’s the Rich Cream, and utilize a tool. “Pause Well-aging Fascia Stimulatin­g Tool is a medical-grade tool that rejuvenate­s the skin. Using it gives a serious glow.” She also loves Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Bar. “This vibrating bar wakes up the complexion and feels amazing.”

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg revitalize­s client Kaley Cuoco’s skin with Currentbod­y Skin’s LED Light Therapy Mask. This at-home, anti-aging mask sends red and infrared light waves into the skin to boost cell productivi­ty.

“The first time you use it, your skin actually starts to glow, so it’s good for a special moment,” says Greenberg, who’s had firmer skin and fewer fine lines since using it herself. She’s also a fan of Nuface’s microcurre­nt device for tightening. “If you use it every day, it’s like going to the gym — everything stays taut.”

To hydrate and plump, Greenberg likes Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, and she says Clarins Total Eye Lift “firms and takes away fine lines for the night and over time.” “I also love Jamie Makeup’s Blighlight­er to give the cheek some luminosity.”

For Greenberg, virtual events warrant “finding that perfect balance with lighting so you can look like a goddess onscreen.”

“It’s really about dimension,” she says. “You don’t want to be completely matte or completely dewy.”

A new skincare concern in these times is maskne, or mask acne.

“We’ve all experience­d maskne during the pandemic due to the mask-wearing leading to clogged pores and a compromise­d skin barrier,” says skincare guru Kate Somerville. Her Maskneclea­ring Kit features her overnight Eradikate Acne Treatment and Delikate Recovery Cream, to treat blemishes and rebuild healthy skin.

Somerville has bottled her most popular treatments for those who can’t make it into her clinic on Melrose Place. “Take a hot shower or bath and let the steam open your pores, then use Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliatin­g Treatment for a great at-home facial experience,” she says.

The Dermalquen­ch Liquid Lift was inspired by the clinic’s oxygen and hyaluronic acid-infused treatment. “It’s so important to hydrate skin, especially spending time indoors with the heater.”

This month, she’s launching Kateceutic­als Resurfacin­g

Overnight Peel, which is “amazing for red-carpet prep when used the night before.” She says, “Our formula of glycolic and retinol works to accelerate surface skin turnover without any downtime.”

Eczema sufferers may benefit from former casting director Yasmin Gharib Wade’s organic Yassi’s Butta.

“I’m a Persian German married to a Black French Canadian, and we gave birth to two children with very different hair and skin needs,” says Gharib Wade. The moisturizi­ng product she created has improved her daughter’s eczema as well as her son’s acne and dry hair. She recommends using it under makeup for a glow, or to tame hair frizz.

“It’s a multi-purpose product for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender or age.”

For quick solutions to skin problems, online platform Musely connects patients with dermatolog­ists who can recommend prescripti­on skincare treatments delivered to their doors.

“For a last-minute event, the spot peel can do wonders in one week,” says founder and CEO Jack Jia. “If you have skin conditions like melasma, sun spots, age spots and other hyperpigme­ntation, the Spot Cream is a must.”

For skin irritated by mask wearing, Jia suggests applying the night cream to alleviate redness and give skin a makeover overnight. “The COVID- pandemic has made Musely’s telemedici­ne platform for skincare transform a dream accessed only by the few elites into a normal reality that can be afforded by everyone.”

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 ??  ?? Celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern recommends Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum with CBD.
Kate Somerville sells her line of popular skincare treatments for at-home use.
Celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern recommends Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum with CBD. Kate Somerville sells her line of popular skincare treatments for at-home use.

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