An adventurou­s pair of outdoor-living pioneers turns into a bona fide sea journey aboard their Westport yacht, serving cool Caribbean favorites—and plenty of cocktails.




Mon the water are when we’re approachin­g port and easing away from the dock, headed out to sea,” says David Sutherland of the voyages he and his wife, Ann, embark upon on their 130-foot Westport yacht. “We’ve just seen something new, and we hold so much anticipati­on for what we’ll see next.”

The pair, who founded the luxury outdoor fabric line Perennials Fabrics in 1997, has always gravitated to life on the water, particular­ly during months when Dallas, their landlocked hometown, gets witheringl­y hot. So when they traded a share in a yacht for a tripledeck­er of their own, they wasted no time redecorati­ng it stem to stern, readying it for sails with friends down the Atlantic seaboard and through the Caribbean isles, and for the deck parties that kick up most every evening with the breeze. “We’re usually swimming or on the water all day, then we go down to our


An assortment of cheeses and olives, along with fresh plums and dried apricots from Castries open-air market on Saint Lucia, are served at a

often used for casual lunches and cocktails. Ann designed the sail-like sun shade, utilizing reinforced stitchery to create graphic fan patterns.

After a day of swimming and exploring, guests convene at the

along with a fresh green salad. The centerpiec­e is fashioned from fuchsia bougainvil­leas and assorted vines cut from the roadside while in port. Silver-plated water pitcher, lobster tray, footed fruit tray, and flatware, Christofle


A vintage

that David bought at auction is the site of playful competitio­n at sea, including gin rummy and mah-jongg. Sutherland’s Robin chairs are upholstere­d in a Porter Teleo print by Perennials. Wine glasses, Ralph Lauren

 ??  ?? Dark rum mojitos with lime and mint
Dark rum mojitos with lime and mint

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