Robert Kime and Tory Burch Resurrect a Soulful Textile Legacy in Nara


universal color,” says Londonbase­d designer Robert Kime, who traveled to the island with famed client Tory Burch last year and returned with an exquisite collaborat­ion.

Amid the looming splendors of pagodas and palaces, the designers found themselves taken by a quotidian family of remnants—scraps, in fact, from trousers, scarves, linings, and obi, among them.

The ensuing 12-piece launched late spring, reviving motifs from remnants both modern and antique. “We leaned heavily into the blues,” Kime says. “There is a humility about each of the designs—and indigo is a humble dye, yet it goes with everything. You simply would not find these types of patterns in Europe. They are uniquely, and simply, Japanese.”

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