The nationally acclaimed designer shares how to make the most of your bedroom.

- Corey Damen Jenkins @coreydamen­jenkins

What are the elements of a perfect sleep sanctuary?

The proper color palette is essential. It’s important to know whether visual movement inhibits you from calming down. If so, stick to the monochroma­tic and avoid pattern play on pillows, wall coverings, and rugs.

Tips for finding the best bedding?

Ihelp my clients create their dream beds through a series of discussion­s, and ultimately, it comes down to taste and budget. Choose brands committed to quality and timeless design, and you’ll never go wrong.

What are some easy ways to refresh a bedroom?

For a quick update, switch out the table lamps on your nightstand­s, or hang a fantastic mural or wallpaper behind the bed to serve as an accent wall.

How can one make an investment purchase less intimidati­ng?

The best way to avoid mistakes is to hire an interior designer! We always say, “Measure twice and shop once.” Double-check your dimensions before making a big purchase—there are few things worse than buying an amazing bed that movers can’t fit through your front door!

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