Artisanal Wonderland


❶ Custom urns flank the entrance to a magical middle garden. ❷ Fisher emblazoned the kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling tilework with a hand-painted border. The flooring is hand-burnished, local terracotta. ❸ Red candles embellishe­d by Oaxacan artists and pale green Talaveran pottery bring enchanting Christmas color to the table. ❹ The shell-encrusted candelabra on the patio table echo the marine beauty of the dining room’s chandelier, fitted with shimmering glass panels (both by Fisher). ❺ A towering cypress in the breakfast room is decked in cut flowers and baby’s breath. ❻ A custom chandelier fitted with a Kohler tub filler feeds a copper bath from overhead. ❼ The rooftop cocktail terrace. ❽ A linen velvet lounge chair is trimmed in vintage Thai batik fabric.

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