I FEEL MORE THAN ever that Los Angeles has become an artistic melting pot of natives and transplant­s coming together to create a unique voice,” says Natasha Baradaran. And she should know: Her residentia­l design business morphed out of an early tenure on the hospitalit­y side, which yielded a valuable perspectiv­e on innovation and craft. “When you have a 1,000-room hotel, you don’t start in a showroom. You go to the creative side—the workrooms, the third-generation upholstere­rs and woodworker­s, the factories with new, cutting-edge innovation­s.” They were, it turns out, powerful springboar­ds for her own furniture collection, which in the seven years since it debuted has expanded into textiles, from performanc­e velvets to a forthcomin­g line of vegan leather. “Creativity here is especially abundant because of an openness, a tradition of working together rather than competing.”

“There is so much

innovation in craft

happening right now,

new possibilit­ies that are in our grasp.

I see this and think,

‘OK, what can I do with this?’”


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