THE JOY OF BEING a classicist on the West Coast is that there’s an inherent understand­ing of its foundation­s and principles, says Landed Interiors founder Lynn Kloythanom­sup, “but it remains open to interpreta­tion, which is so California. You can play with proportion­s and create new languages.” The Los Angeles native, who heads up the Berkeley-based firm with lead designer Heather Menegat, credits frequent cross-country trips of her youth with fostering a deep appreciati­on for classic American design. “In the Bay Area, there are so many fine examples of Victorian, Craftsman, farmhouse, and midcentury modern homes, and we are proud to be a part of the movement to enhance and preserve this architectu­re while making them work for modern families.”


“I always try to bring in the light,” says Kloythanom­sup. “Here, we’re obsessed with it. It’s the most important thing.” In this Arts and Crafts home in San Francisco’s Richmond district, she moved the kitchen to the rear of the house, a strategy that not only expanded access to sunlight but also allowed for a generous bookcase-lined pantry hall. An historic William Morris wallpaper and Harlequin-style checkerboa­rd wood flooring help make the space feel as if it existed when the home was originally built in 1914.

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