Pierre Frey’s and Balineum’s new collection­s of fabric, wallpaper, and tile modernize Egypt’s millennia of artistry.

1. Louis Barthélemy for Pierre Frey Faune et

Flore fabric, to the trade; 2. Louis Barthélemy for Balineum

Carob Tree and Anuket ll tiles, $36 each; balineum .com. 3. Louis Barthélemy

for Balineum Kader with Lotus liner and Papyrus liner, $23 each; balineum .com. 4. Giseh fabric, to the trade;

5. Pharaon wallpaper, to the trade;

6. Amenhotep fabric, to the trade;

7. Hatchepsou­t fabric, to the trade; pierrefrey .com. 8. Le Scribe wallpaper, to the trade; pierre 9. Sennefer wallpaper, to the trade; 10. Louis Barthélemy for Balineum

Ayoub tile, $55 each; 11. Louis Barthélemy for Balineum

Mustafa Embellishe­d tile, $55 each; balineum .com. 12. Fleurs d’eau fabric, to the trade;

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