“Creating moments of surprise


is what I adore most,” says consummate hostess and Juliska cofounder Capucine De Wulf Gooding. “I think of beautifull­y set tables as tableaus, moments that make guests realize how much they are appreciate­d.” The tableware company she and her husband, David, dreamed up during a trip to France was launched on this very principle: “to create togetherne­ss,” she says. Twenty-one years later occasions at their home are alight in tradition, but an ever-evolving dance of glassware, silver, linens, and—perhaps most colorfully—flowers keeps each table rooted firmly in the present. “I always express seasonalit­y with flowers,” she notes. “They may not last long, but they bring such spontaneit­y to tables.”

Gooding’s new book, Together at the Table, is alive with flowers anchoring her tablescape­s (arranged in collaborat­ion with stylist Stephen Pappas), a lean-in to nature that is

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