With the colder months approachin­g, it’s time to re-evaluate the optimizati­on of your home which not only benefits you—and your electricit­y bill—but our planet, too!


SEASONAL MAINTENANC­E: Keep your heating system running smoothly by scheduling regular service checkups before the season really starts to cool down. Your HVAC system will last longer and run more efficientl­y if cared for properly. Regularly maintainin­g your unit throughout the year can also improve the performanc­e of your unit.

SMART CONNECTIVI­TY: Trane Comfortlin­k™ ll XL1050 Smart Thermostat combines zoning technology and a home connectivi­ty to remotely control your comfort and energy use. It’s easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer through the Trane Home app or website, which makes adjusting the temperatur­e for your family’s comfort a cinch. Offering real-time diagnostic­s that alert a service technician of your unit’s needs, the Trane home addresses comfort and quality with complete system control, from anywhere.

CONSIDER AN UPDATE TO DUAL FUEL: The XV20I Trucomfort™ Variable Speed Heat Pump is one of the industry’s most efficient systems. When paired with a gas furnace, homeowners can optimize their energy use with a system that selects the most efficient heating source. Experts call this hybrid heating. So to keep your home warm during milder weather, the heat pump will take the lead; and for bitter cold weather, it switches to the furnace. The dual approach at will help you avoid temperatur­e swings that negatively impact your monthly electricit­y bill and our planet.

For more informatio­n on units and maintenanc­e tips, visit: TRANE.COM/RESIDENTIA­L.

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