Double-story Doric columns command the entrance of Chicago’s Lincoln Park 2550 (above) by Lucien Lagrange Studio. Cetraruddy’s 45-story Rose Hill (below), added to New York’s Nomad District in 2021, recalls Raymond Hood’s Rockefelle­r Center with kindred vertical glass ribbons interspers­ed with bands of chevron-patterned steel. 1045 Madison Avenue with its Art Deco–inflected façade of limestone and elegant ironwork that evokes prewar Paris and New York in equal measure. When it comes to the interiors of Pennoyer’s buildings—as with most of Stern’s—the residences are a thoughtful­ly calibrated balance of classic and contempora­ry. “You’re trying to bring various influences together and not just say, I’m going to try to replicate a prewar apartment,” Pennoyer explains. “You’re making something that’s absolutely contempora­ry but has those proportion­s and space and openness that we all prefer now.”

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