Masami Hosono


About a week before Vogue had Hosono—of the downtown Manhattan salon Vacancy Project—train their hairstylin­g talents on Ella Emhoff (“Short [And Long] Story,” page 66), Hosono and the model/second daughter had a serendipit­ous encounter on the street. “She said, ‘Oh, I want to get a haircut by you. Sometime I want to make an appointmen­t,’ ” Hosono recalls. Soon there was no need: Vogue asked Hosono to trim Emhoff ’s locks into the silhouette of the moment, a riff on the mullet. In fact, it’s none too different from Hosono’s own look of late: a halo of curls evoking a “young Mick Jagger.” Here’s someone who practices what they preach.

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