Alex Harrington, Jorden Bickham, and Brianna Capozzi


For “Baby Love” (page 126), a portfolio of new and expecting mothers photograph­ed by Capozzi (far right), contributi­ng fashion editors Harrington and Bickham (right) assembled a coterie of models, artists, performers, and other creatives who found themselves in the daunting position of being pregnant during an internatio­nal health crisis. “Alex and I were looking for a group of women who represente­d the courage of motherhood, particular­ly during this time: strong, modern, and heroic,” Bickham says. All told, the project proved a deeply special one, not least because it gave her and Harrington—fellow Vogue fashion assistants a decade ago—the rare chance to collaborat­e. “Working with Alex,” she says, “was sort of a full-circle moment for the two of us.”

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