On Location: Jordan


“It was important for Eddie and me to shoot this story on location, and for that location to be tied into a wider climate conversati­on,” says Poppy Kain, a fashion director at British Vogue and the editor behind “World to the Wise” (page 68), a portfolio featuring the work of 10 designers focused on sustainabi­lity. So she and photograph­er Eddie Wrey headed to the salt flats of the Dead Sea, a site under imminent danger due to climate change. (At present, scientists say it’s shrinking at a rate of three-plus feet per year.) It was also a plainly beautiful backdrop for beautiful clothing, and to cap off a glorious two-day shoot Kain, Wrey, models Imaan Hammam and He Cong, and the rest of their group enjoyed a sprawling wrap party in the nearby desert. “We danced around a fire to Jordanian music and ate delicious food cooked by the local crew to celebrate an exciting and successful project,” Kain recalls, “one I will never forget.”

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