The Luckiest People


To accompany a profile of Funny Girl star Beanie Feldstein (see Chloe Malle’s “Her Parade,” page 152), photograph­er Tina Barney and fashion editor Max Ortega headed to the August Wilson Theatre a week before the musical’s rehearsals began. “After chatting with the costume designer, Susan Hilferty, and watching the movie version, I was reminded that Fanny Brice’s story is told through her actually arriving at a theater and reminiscin­g,” says Ortega. But that’s where reference to William Wyler’s 1968 film with Barbra Streisand ended: The day was really “about honoring Beanie,” who was, by all accounts, a joy. “She’s just as natural and approachab­le as I’d hoped she’d be,” says Barney.

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