Off the Grid


For “In Deep” (page 98), Santiago Sierra Soler (above) went to Los Guayabos, the extraordin­ary ecological community on the outskirts of Guadalajar­a, to photograph resident Mexican model Tindi Mar. Vogue’s sustainabi­lity editor, Tonne Goodman, and the fashion director of Vogue Mexico and Latin America, Valentina Collado, provided excellent company. “Tonne pushed me in the best way possible to create beautiful images while giving me a lot of creative freedom,” Sierra Soler says. And Mar made for an inspiring subject. “We both feel the same calling to spread a conscious message, and to lead by example,” he notes. “We are both passionate about protecting nature and the preservati­on of our Indigenous traditions.” The photograph­y of Peter Beard, a “big inspiratio­n” for Sierra Soler generally, helped to inform his storytelli­ng, which had everything to do with the way that Mar lives. “We wanted to capture the magic of Tindi’s community,” Sierra Soler says.

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