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- Looking Back is compiled by Everett II

100 YEARS AGO, JULY 23, 1921

Good things to eat to be found at Palmisano’s Saturday—peaches, New Apples, Pineapples, Plums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, New Corn, Cantaloupe­s, Celery, New Beets, Lemons, Water Melons, Oranges, New Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, New Potatoes, Mangoes, Honey Dew Melons. Palmisano & Co. Wholesale and Retail Merchants. Phone Main 1267

Tonight: Light Opera “Pinafore.” Pinafore’s tunes are catchy and different Pinafore’s Lines keep an audience on tip-toe. Pinafore’s

notable cast is of New York selection, Pinafore’s plot is worthy of its Gilbert and Sullvan musical

setting. Attend this eternally popular opera at the Wapakoneta Chautauqua. There in the big

brown tent you can forget all toil and worry as you revel in the invigorati­ng relaxation of song, travesty, and spectacle. Admission $1.10. Children 55 cents. (And worth it)

Fryburg News—farmers of this vicinity have nearly all of their grain in their barns and the buzz of the thresher is heard in the distance.

The death of John Reineke, well-known Fryburg man, as brought to this county one of

its earliest pioneers in the person of Salvadore Vaubel, who left 55 years ago while the Civil War was still in progress and is now making

his first visit in 33 years. Mr. Vaubel, an uncle of attorney H.S. Vaubel of this city, and who was of the same relationsh­ip to Mr. Reineke, is a resident of Minneapoli­s, Minnesota. After removing from this county 55 years ago he went to Wisconsin and took up a land grant that was will to him by his brother. He is visiting with relatives in this city and Fryburg. It is a novel

experience for him to compare the rich, prosperous and well-populated Auglaize county of today with the small and struggling settlement

of 55 years ago. Mr. Vaubel is near 78 years old.

75 YEARS AGO, JULY 23, 1946

You, too, can beat the beer shortage. Keep a bottle of wine or gin in your refrigerat­or. Schneider’s, down by the twacks. The Rev. Henry Kleman, CPPS, has been assigned to Wapakoneta St. Joseph Catholic parish as assistant pastor to succeed the Rev. Father Francis Laudick, CPPS, who was transferre­d to the position of economist at St. Joseh’s College at Rensslaer, Indiana. The change was made effective today upon the arrival of the Rev. Father Kleman from his home at Columbus Grove to assume his duties in the absence of the Rev. Father Julian Mayer, pastor, who has been ill and at St. Charles Seminary Carthagena. The Rev. Anthony Ley, assistant pastor, still in charge of his duties. The Rev. Father Kleman is just home from the Marines with which he served during the war in China

50 YEARS AGO, JULY 23, 1971

LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN on FILM PROCESSING! No coupons—no gimmicks— Just low prices! Regular 8mm or Super 8 Kodachrome Movies—99 cents. Color prints, 15 cents. 135-220 exposure or 126-20 exposure Kodachrome slides, 99 cents. Black & white prints, 5 cents. The Fox Hole. Lower Level, Herwig’s Rexall Drug, is full of exciting merchandis­e Pony League Action—white Sox vs. Astros. G. Brookhart picked up his fourth victory in five decisions, striking out 15, walking three, and giving up four hits, as the White Sox edged the Astros 4-2. Dan Veit took the loss. Brookhart singled and doubled at the plate, M. Place and D. Hayzlett added two one-baggers, and E.C. Miller hit a triple. The Astros’ hitting consisted of singles by Niemeyer and D. Veit, and two by Mccauley. The White sox are 4-5 on the season.

25 YEARS AGO, JULY 23, 1996

MM Julius and Rose Westphal Malueg will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversar­y July 24. They were united in marriage In Bethel

Lutheran Church, Pella Township, Wisconsin. They are the parents of Violet Maxson, Gerald

and Donald Malueg. One daughter, Judith, is deceased.

Installati­on of officers for the new year was recently held by the Wapakoneta Lions Club. They are: president Dale Nester, first vice

president; Carl Ziegler, second vice president; Jim Wachauf, third vice president; Jerry Kightlinge­r, historian; Ken Weber, secretary Stan

Maxson; chaplain Ed Schaub; directors Robert Eisert and Dr. Marlin Stephenson; and installing officer Don Wittwer.

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