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■ Mrs. Albert Miller returned to her home from Cincinnati, to which place she had accompanie­d her daughter, Miss Louise Miller, who is now a student at the Conservato­ry of Music.

■ Walter’s Grove, south of town, was the scene of a merry wiener roast and marshmallo­w toast when the following girls went there to enjoy the afternoon: Misses Ruth Christer, Margaret Platvoet, Clara Sammetinge­r, Mildred and Dorothy Christler, Helen and Cora Kolter, Helen Martin, Alvina Brading, Edna Brading, Genevieve Blankenbak­er, and Edith Sammetinge­r.


■ Arthur Zwez, 72, a South Blackhoof street resident, died from a heart attack at 9:30 this morning while pursuing his duties as desk clerk at the Koneta Hotel. A native of New Bremen, the deceased had been a resident of this city for the last 22 years and had formerly been employed as freight agent for the old Western Ohio Electric Railway in this city, For the past eight years he had been day desk clerk at the hotel. He was affiliated with the Protective Home Circle all his life and was a member of the Men’s Associatio­n of the St. Paul’s Evangelica­l and Reformed church, St. Marys. He was a member of the St. Paul congregati­on here. His wife, the former Augusta Miller, survives, as do two children, Mrs. Pauline Blank, a teacher at the Williamson School, residing at home, and Everett, South Blackhoof street.

■ If you were asked to name Wapakoneta’s councilmen could you do it? Chances are the average citizen couldn’t name the eight. Here they are: Paul Fisher, president; Dr. William Martin, Stanley Maxson, Johnny Menges, E.V. Anthony, Harry Bryan, Sr., Robert Kuck, and H.P. Wills.

■ Mrs. Harold Seitz, driver’s license registrar, revealed today that 250 applicants have received their diver’s licenses for this year since the bureau opened Tuesday. The sale of licenses will continue until September 30.

■ Hiring of a bus driver, purchasing of new band instrument­s, discussion on a special course contract and additional discussion­s relative to the proposed $550,000 elementary school were features of a Wapakoneta School Board meeting held last night at Blume School. Elwood Mclean, who currently serves as custodian at the school, was hired to operate a bus. The bus driving staff of 6 now is complete. This year there are two more drivers than last year since there are more pupils being transporte­d into the local school. The board discuss the agricultur­al veterans training course and approved it. The board voted to purchase seven new instrument­s for the band. Reports say that the school band this year is showing plenty of pep. Starting today advertisem­ents are being carried in the newspaper asking contractor­s to submit bids who are interested in erecting the new elementary school. The bids are scheduled to be opened October 8.

■ MM Stanley Maxson, Sr., MM Stanley Maxson, Jr., Carolyn Maxson, Jerre Maxson, and Neil Armstrong attended the National

Air Races in Cleveland.


GRAND OPENING-MONDAY thru Saturday-10 % off all carpet, linoleum paint, and wallpaper. Drawings daily-1 gal. Super Kem Tone, stock color. Free coffee & cookies. Lutterbein Carpet, 3 W. Auglaize

■ Lunch Menu, St. Joseph Elementary School

■ Monday-bologna salad sandwiches, green beans, creamed rice, pineapple, milk.

■ Tuesday-sloppy Joe sandwiches, corn, jello, cake, milk.

■ Wednesday-chicken and noodles, filled celery, mixed fruit, muffins, milk.

■ Thursday-ham sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, carrot strips, peaches, milk.

■ Friday-macaroni and cheese, peas, applesauce, peanut butter sandwiches, milk.

■ Dancing their way through the upcoming performanc­es of the motion-filled musical Kismet, presented by the Wapakoneta Theater Guild September 20-23, will be: Sheryl Naylor, Kim Naylor, Danita Lee, Darla Copeland, Holly Recob, Jane Kerst, Tonya Hunt, Jodi Knerr, Patty Place, Becky King, Theresa Roof, Monique Miller, Susan Stroh, Bob Christian, and Wayne Symonds, all of Wapakoneta.

I’m not setting myself up as a fashion plate or as an authority on seasonal modes of dress, but at the Grand Opening of Rhine & Brading’s Defiance street store, employees wore straw hats.-g..w. Mccoy (publisher)

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