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Dear Heloise: We have trash collection twice a week, but here’s what we do in between those days when trash in the house begins to stink. When I prepare a meal and there are products that can’t go down the disposal (chicken skin, fat from raw meat, Styrofoam trays from meat products), I put everything in a plastic bag and freeze it until trash day. To remind myself that there is trash in the freezer, I use a sticky note on the fridge and toss it in with the other trash. Problem solved. -- Eveleen Skurow, The Villages, Florida

OPENING CANS WITH TABS Dear Heloise: There have been many letters in your column regarding the difficulty in opening cans that have tabs. I, too, have had trouble opening these cans, and I am relatively young -- 65 years old.

What I have found very helpful with opening such cans is using a newer model of an electric can opener. They cut along the outer ridge of the can. In my opinion, this is also much safer because there are no sharp edges on the inside

of the can. My electric can opener has been a real pleasure for me to use, and I use it every day. -- C.L.L., Warsaw, Indiana

HEFTY BILL IN THE SOUTH Dear Heloise: To the couple who accepted an invitation to join friends at a high-end restaurant: Whatever happened to being responsibl­e for your own expenses? My thoughts are the alternativ­e. A gift card is theirs to use as they chose.

Before you agree to join the couple, decide if you will enjoy the meal at its cost and be prepared to pay for your expenses, regardless of the other couple’s payment choices. -- S.L., via email

WHEN ZESTING LEMONS Dear Heloise: When you shop at the grocery store for a lemon that you need to zest, take a look at the ingredient­s on the label to see if they are spraying them to keep them fresher longer. It will read: “Coated with food-grade vegetable beeswax or lac-resin-based wax or resin.” To be safe, you may want to always buy organic lemons for zesting. -- C. French, The Villages, Florida


Dear Heloise: Like a lot of folks, I used to receive tons of personaliz­ed mailing labels from agencies that I’m associated with. They no longer do that, so rather than buy labels, I kept a few originals and copied them for my use. I attach them to my mailing envelopes with clear tape, and it works out very well. -- Bob Hinshaw, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Dear Heloise: This is our sweet kitty, Butterball. He is sweeter than I can even tell you. He loves company and always visits with anyone who stops by. His tail is always straight up when he walks, and I have read that it means cats are very happy. He sits on my lap whenever I watch TV and purrs to his heart’s content.

When I give him treats, he leaves just one on the floor, and I think he does that because he knows I will laugh when I see it. My husband and I love him very much! He’s a real sweetie pie. -- Donna Stamates, Lady Lake, Florida

Readers, to see Butterball and our other Pet Pals, go to Heloise.com and click on “Pet of the Week.”

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