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SEPTEMBER 22, 1948

■ A warning has been issued by the Sheriff’s office of this county warning the people of the rural district to beware of persons coming to their homes and representi­ng themselves as government health inspectors. Recently two men in a tan coupe reportedly approached a farm home east of Wapakoneta, located on the Middle Pike, and informed the owners that they were the above mentioned government agents. They told the people that they were making tests of all cisterns for the polio germ.

■ In some uncanny way they put some foaming agent in the water, which they took from the cistern in a quart jar. When the water foamed they informed the occupants of the farm home that the chemical which was placed in the water would foam only if the germ was present. After the fake test the agents would supposedly treat the contaminat­ed cistern with some more fake tests and then charge the farm owners a huge price for the duty performed. In this case, they charged the woman $128. The woman refused to pay and the men left with the warning that other government agents would be through later and unless she paid them the sum charged the cistern would be destroyed. She immediatel­y notified her attorney who called the sheriff’s office. The county officials received the informatio­n too late to apprehend the fakers.

■ Further warning is being used against men who also attack the rural district with their money robbing schemes. These men travel throughout the rural areas picking up jobs of rebuilding chimneys and making minor repairs. After finishing the jobs the men proceed to charge exorbitant prices for the repairs. If the persons for whom they do the work refuse to pay the amount asked. Strong arm methods are used. The sheriff is asking that persons being approached by any of these men get their license numbers and report them to the proper authoritie­s.

■ Patricia Ann Dalton, daughter of Mrs. Margaret Dalton, East Mechanic street, was returned the evening of the 19th from the Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children at Lexington, Kentucky, where she had been since last June. The Lima Shrine Club of which approximat­ely 40 Shriners in Auglaize county are members sponsored Patricia’s entrance t the hospital. Arrangemen­ts were handled by Lewis Snyder, who for the past several years is Ambassador from Auglaize County to the Potentate of Antioch Shrine in Dayton.

■ The Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce now reportedly has the largest membership in its history-total of 139 members.

■ Miss Jane Shaw, clerk of the Auglaize county draft board, released the number of registrant­s on file with the Local Board No. 6. The number totals 1736-608 are single nonveteran­s, 231 are married nonveteran­s, and 897 are veterans. Those registered include men born from 1922 through 1930.

■ KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR-MARHSALL B. Koenig Family-members of the Salem Evangelica­l United Brethren Church, this family has always lived around Wapakoneta. Mr. Koenig is an insurance agent for several companies. They are the parents of four sons-jay, 13; Terry, 9; Craig, 5; and Brook, four months. Mr. Koenig is a member of the Elks and claims hunting and fishing as hobbies. Mrs. Koenig claims no affiliatio­n with clubs. At the present this family makes its home on South Blackhoof street.

■ Three young Wapakoneta men had important roles in Miami University’s 38-6 walkaway over Marshall College. Helping the classy Miami team make an impressive victory were sophomore Danny Mckeever, a back; Doc Urich, playing end; and Wid Miller, playing guard. Urich scored one of Miami’s touchdowns and Miller made the extra two points.

■ A 9 o’clock high Mass at St. Joseph church on September 27 will mark the opening of the 1948-49 school season for the pupils of the parochial grade and high school. Many changes will greet the students this fall with the completion this week of remodeling processes which were begun the idle of June. Extensive improvemen­ts are receiving the final touches in the basement, where new plumbing and entirely new lavatory facilities have been installed. A colorful cheery color scheme in aluminum tiling has replaced the dull plaster walls of former years, with the boys’ restrooms being done in green and tan and the girls in blue and rose….hot and cold running water, liquid soap, and paper towels will make it easy for the students to pursue their aims in sanitation….to BE CONTINUED

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