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To the Edi­tor:

These are emo­tional times for schools as school safety is on ev­ery­one’s minds. Of­ten times the com­mu­nity is un­aware of how im­por­tant stu­dent safety is to every em­ployee in a school district. Last night (March 12) I had the priv­i­lege of at­tend­ing Farm­ing­ton Schools’ monthly School Board meet­ing and see­ing to­day’s verse lived out.

“In other words, it is not the chil­dren by phys­i­cal de­scent who are God’s chil­dren, but it is the chil­dren of the prom­ise who are re­garded as Abra­ham’s off­spring.” Ro­mans 9:8 NIV

The chil­dren of our district are our chil­dren too, not by phys­i­cal de­scent, but as a gift from their par­ents and God. This was ev­i­dent as our for­mer re­source of­fi­cer, prin­ci­pals and su­per­in­ten­dent (most of them are males) choked up and teared up as they spoke about how im­por­tant our stu­dents’ safety is to them. It was if they were talk­ing about their own chil­dren, their flesh and blood. Our stu­dents are not just loved by their par­ents, but by the school com­mu­nity.

God made a prom­ise to Abra­ham that he would be the fa­ther of a great na­tion, off­spring too nu­mer­ous to count. They are not all of phys­i­cal de­scent, but of a prom­ise of God! Just as our school district has promised to treat our stu­dents as our own chil­dren, so God has promised that all who call on His name will be His. He will love, pro­vide and most of all pro­tect us. I be­lieve God gets choked up once in a while as He lov­ingly watches over His chil­dren and the choices that are made by them. He de­sires what is best for each of us and pro­vides op­por­tu­ni­ties for us to be our best. Our schools do the same.

If you have chil­dren in school or know any school em­ployee, give them a hug to­day and say thanks for lov­ing their stu­dents like their own chil­dren.

Jodi Hen­dricks


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