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— Ac­cord­ing to its web­site, Fields of Faith is a stu­dent-led event. Stu­dents in­vite, pray for, share with, and chal­lenge their peers to read the Bi­ble and fol­low Je­sus Christ. An ath­letic field pro­vides a neu­tral, rally-point where a com­mu­nity can come to­gether.

The Fel­low­ship of Chris­tian Ath­letes (FCA) wants to uti­lize Fields of Faith to help change the cul­ture through involving youth, who are in­vited to “get in the game and get in the book (Bi­ble).”

Fields of Faith is de­signed to spark a spir­i­tual move­ment for God. Ac­cord­ing to its web­site, Chris­tian­ity needs a change in mo­men­tum — stu­dents who will stand to­gether against the pres­sures and temptations in our world and be a gen­er­a­tion that is com­mit­ted to read­ing the Bi­ble and ap­ply­ing it to their lives. A Fields of Faith event starts with prayer. Then, stu­dents share their faith tes­ti­monies. After this, stu­dents chal­lenge their peers to read the Bi­ble and to come to faith in Je­sus Christ. A typ­i­cal “Fields of Faith” event lasts 45 to 90 min­utes and is open to all peo­ple of all ages. The Oct. 10, 2018, gath­er­ing at Farm­ing­ton’s Allen Hol­land Field started at 6 p.m. and al­though all tes­ti­monies and speak­ing was done around 8 p.m. the crowd lin­gered de­spite cool tem­per­a­tures.

Youth pas­tors get in­volved to pro­vide spir­i­tual di­rec­tion and help bring to­gether churches in the area and rally sup­port around the event. Among their tasks are to help unite area pas­tors and churches around the event, and help se­lect “Im­pact Stu­dents” and “Im­pact Adults” as speak­ers. Youth pas­tors are re­spon­si­ble to de­liver “Im­pact Stu­dent” and “Im­pact Adult” man­ual to par­tic­i­pat­ing speak­ers, work­ing with each en­tity to pro­mote “Fields of Faith.”

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