If In Doubt, Throw It Out When Clean­ing The Ice­box


“Mamma, what’s that yucky green stuff in the ice box?”

Wait a minute. Do any of you know what an ice box was?

Years ago, those things in the kitchen that held food didn’t plug into the wall and were made out of wood. The door on the up­per por­tion was not for ice cream or to freeze your meat and veg­eta­bles. You opened that door to put in a 25-pound block of ice. The ice ab­sorbed heat, melted, and cooled the food in the lower sec­tion. Cool, huh?

By the time I en­tered this world, my par­ents had longsince re­placed the ice box with a fancy thing called a re­frig­er­a­tor. No more vis­its from the Ice Man.

These re­frig­er­a­tors plugged into the wall and had a com­part­ment that would keep ice cream hard if we put it in the back, and it would freeze meat, veg­eta­bles and wa­ter.

But we still called it an ice box. I had to start call­ing them re­frig­er­a­tors be­cause in the 1970s I was an ap­pli­ance re­pair­man and no one knew what an ice box was.

But where was I? Oh, yes. It was in the 1950s and my par­ents were vis­it­ing some friends.

The mother came into the kitchen to an­swer the cry about yucky green stuff. “What’s the mat­ter, Mau­reen?”

“Mamma, there’s yucky stuff on the cheese. What is it?” The lit­tle girl was point­ing to a dull green­ish-blue fuzz.

“Oh, my good­ness! Mold is grow­ing again. Well, let’s just cut the green off, and we can eat the rest.”

To­day, we un­der­stand that the roots of the mold grow deep into the food and we usu­ally just throw the moldy food out. How­ever, our ice boxes – ex­cuse me – our re­frig­er­a­tors to­day still grow mold un­der the right cir­cum­stances. And we now un­der­stand that mold and bac­te­ria are grow­ing be­fore we can see any of it.

So how do we know whether or not the food is fit to eat? Usu­ally we smell it.

The fungi and bac­te­ria on meat will nor­mally give off an un­pleas­ant odor be­fore the yucky green stuff, or any slime, is vis­i­ble.

I don’t want any­one to die, or even get sick, from food poi­son­ing; so, years ago I de­vel­oped one very im­por­tant phrase as an ap­pli­ance re­pair­man, and I still say it to­day: If in doubt, throw it out!

It’s worth me­moriz­ing be­cause our health is much more im­por­tant than a few dol­lars-worth of food.

You can find on the in­ter­net the pro­ce­dures for han­dling and car­ing for var­i­ous kinds of food. And it’s re­ally quite sim­ple.

But there is a more in­sid­i­ous poi­son grow­ing in our cul­ture. I call it spir­i­tual and men­tal poi­son­ing.

Men­tal health to­day is a multi-bil­lion-dol­lar busi­ness, and is com­plex, cum­ber­some, and costly! The pri­mary rea­son is that peo­ple don’t see or smell the prob­lem. This poi­sonous garbage has been in­sid­i­ously foisted on our cul­ture. But if it is cul­tur­ally ac­cept­able, it must be good. Right? Wrong!

Many peo­ple are be­ing charged with sex­ual im­moral­ity. Yet sex — gross; ugly; de­mean­ing to men, women, and chil­dren; sex­ist; hu­manly de­grad­ing — is one of three pri­mary evils of­fered to our cul­ture through the­aters, tele­vi­sion, ad­ver­tise­ments and DVDs. An­other evil is ha­tred. Bla­tant, cruel, mur­der­ous, evil ha­tred. The third is evil mu­sic ac­com­pa­nied by gross, inane ac­tions of the singers.

The church isn’t help­ing the sit­u­a­tion be­cause a large sec­tion of its mem­bers sup­port the garbage in­dus­try by pay­ing for it and watch­ing it; and many Chris­tians, are just like the world: don’t seem to un­der­stand that it is poi­son­ing hu­man­ity.

If peo­ple would sim­ply eval­u­ate what they’re watch­ing and lis­ten­ing to, they would eas­ily see that it is de­stroy­ing us. Also, a sim­ple read­ing of the Bible would give them wis­dom and alert them to the calamity they are bring­ing upon them­selves.

First Thes­sa­lo­ni­ans 5:22 says, “Stay away from ev­ery­thing that is evil.” Sim­ple! That would cure most of the men­tal prob­lems.

If peo­ple want to do what is right, they could ob­jec­tively re­al­ize that it is not good for them. They would re­al­ize that it de­stroys fam­i­lies, so­ci­ety, and the church.

But if they are not sure: If in doubt, throw it out!

Ac­tu­ally, who­ever is feasting on it, is ei­ther sick or de­luded by evil spir­its.

Judg­ment starts in the House of God, so you Chris­tians should get the garbage out of your homes and lives. Then we can make a pos­i­tive im­pact on the world.

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