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Watchtime talked with two watch col­lec­tors, Ruben Ca­ma­cho and Paul Pittman, about their re­cent on­line shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence with True­facet, “an on­line mar­ket­place rooted in trust,” and why they de­cided to buy a pre-owned watch on­line. Sur­pris­ingly, it wasn’t just about find­ing the low­est price.

WT: Have you bought on­line be­fore?

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: Ab­so­lutely. I bought my first Rolex, my first Aude­mars Piguet and dif­fer­ent jew­elry for my wife.

Paul Pittman: My first in­stinct was, what if this is a scam? I had that lit­tle bit of un­com­fort­able feel­ing, but as soon as they sent me the ship­ping re­ceipt where I needed to send it and I found out that they had my watches cov­ered for a good amount of money, I felt bet­ter. The process was very easy, I wouldn't buy watches any­where else. The watch came to me just like they said it would. Opened it up, and it was ab­so­lutely per­fect.

WT: Why didn't you go through a tra­di­tional re­tailer?

Paul Pittman: I've bought watches in the past at stores. But it's like you're get­ting ready to spend $30,000 on a watch, and you just don't get the feel­ing of cus­tomer care, mak­ing sure you're happy. I just didn't feel that at any of the jew­elry stores I went in. They kind of give you the chip on the shoul­der, “Can you re­ally af­ford this?” That's the way I felt.

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: I guess the con­ve­nience. I can be in the com­fort of my own home. Some­times I don't have time to go out and spend that time at a re­tail store. I'm very lim­ited on time, and when I go out, I go out with my wife, mainly just to eat. When I saw True­facet, I took a chance. I know they have and sell all kinds of watches, any kind of brand that I was look­ing for at the time. They had ev­ery­thing on their web­site. And I'm like, "Wow, this is al­most too good to be true." And the fact that they do the whole process, it just felt like it wasn't go­ing to take too long to get the watch of my dreams at a very com­fort­able price.

WT: You went for a pre-owned piece?

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: I did. In­stead of pay­ing like $12,000 for the watch, I paid half. My first Aude­mars Piguet watch, I got it for like $6,000. And it was a great deal. It was a vin­tage model I was look­ing for. And that's an­other thing: when you go out to [off­line] re­tail­ers, they might not have what you need. They're like, "Oh, we don't have [this watch] here, but we can get it." And that's not the an­swer that I'm look­ing for. As a buyer, I want you to have it in stock and I want it to be ready to pur­chase.

WT: How do you feel about buy­ing a watch that was pre­vi­ously worn by some­one else?

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: The way that I look at it is this: I can buy the same watch pre-owned, in just im­mac­u­late con­di­tion on­line. And I know I'm go­ing to get a pretty de­cent watch. They tell you what kind of con­di­tion the watch is in and they give you a chance to ex­change it within three or four days. So if you don't like it, just re­turn it and then they'll ei­ther give you your money back or they'll give you a store credit for an­other piece that you may be in­ter­ested in.

WT: Did you con­sign or sell a watch or trade one in?

Paul Pittman: I had two watches I was go­ing to ex­change for one watch. They ex­pe­dited it very quickly, the whole process, they kept me up to date from start to fin­ish with emails, what process we're go­ing through at the time. I mean, it was just that the ex­pe­ri­ence I had on­line was just way more than what the jew­elry store could of­fer.

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: I did. I traded one of my Aude­mars Piguet watches and was able to get a whole bunch of other things, be­cause they gave me great value for the watch and some jew­elry for my wife. They gave me al­most 2,000 dol­lars more than what the lo­cal deal­ers were of­fer­ing.

WT: How would you de­scribe the trans­ac­tion?

The ex­pe­ri­ence I had on­line was just way more than what the jew­elry store could of­fer.

Paul Pittman: It was a very smooth tran­si­tion, and I would not be scared to do it again. And I'll do busi­ness with them again, for sure.

Ruben Ca­ma­cho: It was su­per easy. I just en­tered my debit card info and that was it. I was good to go from there. I got con­fir­ma­tion of the pur­chase and I got con­fir­ma­tion of when the watch was go­ing to be shipped, and that was ba­si­cally that. There's no has­sle. And the cool thing is that they make it so easy to con­tact them af­ter­wards. Even if you don't want to speak to them, they have a chat. I feel like I'm like a reg­u­lar. You know like when you go into the same cof­fee shop for the same 20 years and they know how you want your cof­fee? That’s the feel­ing that I get when I reach out to them.

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