WDW Magazine - - Sec­tion k! - BY MELISSA RICH­E­SON

"Are you ready for a great day in the Magic King­dom?" Mom asked as the twins chewed big syrupy bites.

"Of course," Lan­don an­swered.

"When will Gus be here?" Cal­lie asked.

Gus was like a grandpa to Cal­lie and Lan­don Parks. He watched over the two of them as they had their daily Dis­ney ad­ven­tures while Mom was work­ing.

Beep! BEEP!

"HE'S HERE!" Cal­lie and Lan­don clipped on their Magic Bands and hugged Mom good­bye.

"Lan­don, what hap­pened to your hair? Did you cut it your­self?" Mom asked af­ter she kissed his head.

"Ummm. It's prob­a­bly just messed up from my pil­low, " Lan­don mum­bled. "Bye, Mom!"

"I'll meet you later," Mom promised. "Have fun!"

The twins chat­ted hap­pily with Gus as they made the short drive to Magic King­dom to­gether. Gus parked in their spe­cial spot close to the Mono­rail en­trance.

"Did you ever get to drive the mono­rail, Gus?" Cal­lie won­dered. Gus used to be a cast mem­ber in the Magic King­dom.

Gus laughed. He was al­ways laugh­ing and smil­ing. When he did, his eyes crin­kled up like Pinoc­chio's fa­ther. That's one of the rea­sons the kids loved him! "No," Gus said. "I used to work in the....oops!" Gus stopped. He bent over and picked some­thing up, then tapped a man in front of them on the shoul­der.

"Ex­cuse me, sir," Gus said. "I think you dropped this." Gus held out his hand. Lan­don's eyes got as big as the EP­COT ball. A fifty dol­lar bill!

"Gus, that was re­ally nice," Lan­don whis­pered. "Lots of peo­ple would've just kept the money."

Gus smiled at Lan­don, "I learned long ago that hon­esty is al­ways the best pol­icy."

"What do you mean?" Cal­lie asked.

"I mean, telling the truth is al­ways the best thing to do. If you don't, you just make life more dif­fi­cult for your­self - like car­ry­ing around a heavy load. If I hadn't been hon­est about that money, it would have weighed on my con­science. That's a load that I don't want," Gus said.

Lan­don started fid­get­ing, run­ning his fin­gers through his hair.

The Parks twins and Gus had a won­der­ful morn­ing in the Magic King­dom. They rode the Seven Dwarves Mine Train first. Then they moved on to Peter Pan's Flight and it's a small world.

When they stopped at Gas­ton's for a cin­na­mon roll, they no­ticed a girl look­ing shyly at them.

"Hi! What's your name?" Cal­lie asked her. Cal­lie was never shy.

"Hi," the girl said softly. "I'm Vera."

To­gether the chil­dren talked, laughed, and ex­changed pins from their lan­yards, when all of a sud­den they heard yelling nearby! Vera quickly reached un­der the ta­ble for her back­pack - it had Remy on it from Rata­touille. Cal­lie thought she looked fright­ened. Vera waved good­bye to the twins as her par­ents shuf­fled her away.

"Come on, kids," Gus said. "Let's see who can keep their arms up long­est on Space Moun­tain!"

Cal­lie gig­gled, "How will we know who wins? It's com­pletely dark in there!"

Later the group or­dered hot dogs at The Lunch­ing Pad in To­mor­row­land.

"Look! It's Vera!" Lan­don said.

The twins started over to Vera's ta­ble, but on the way...they froze. "What hap­pened to my bun?!"

"Some­one stole my chips!" "I know I put my cookie here - now it's gone!" Cal­lie and Lan­don looked at each other. It was just like at Gas­ton's! What was go­ing on to­day? "Hey! Some­one stole my cin­na­mon roll!" "Where did all my pop­corn go?!"

"Who spilled my juice?!"

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